Friday, May 1, 2009

Missing Parts to My Post.....hhhmmmm!!!

For some reason.....part of my Last Post was not showing.
Here is what was missing......

VITAL SIGNS: Blood Pressure of 115/80.

GENERAL APPEARENCE: The patient a well developed, well nourished obese black female in no apparent distress.

I have NO IDEA of WHY this is kinda Freaky if you ask me!!!

Anway, I hope that it showed up THIS TIME......just fit in the pieces and you should be good to go with the what the Report says.

This is what MY Reports Say.

I asked my doctor for a copy of My Reports and he had a copy made for me (and my PCP).

Under "IMPRESSION", it says this:

1. Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, Rule Out Systemic Lupus Erythematosus That May Be Co-Existing With The Sarcoidosis.

2. Sarcodosis

3. Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

It didn't state the Osteoarthritis....but as I said in the other Post, That was also Confirmed.

It also says, under Physical Examination:

JOINTS: Some crepitus on the knees with stress stenderness. The patient had some classical tender points on current examination.
SKIN: Remarkable for some hyperpigmented lesions on the facial area.......(he told me it was from Sarcoidosis).
VITAL SIGNS: Blood pressure of 115/80......(which is a lie, I saw it when the nurse took it....and the top number was higher than That).
GENERAL APPEARANCE: The patient is a well developed, well nourished obese black female in no apparent distress.......(LIE LIE LIE....that was the day that I came up in there without my Pain Meds.....and I was in extreme amount of Pain.....What, was he blind to got to be kidding me).

I didn't add EVERYTHING that was put under the Physical Examination.....just the parts that had some "significance" to my illness.

****The parts that are in RED is what "I" added to it on was not in the Report.

The Xrays showed that I have DEGENERATIVE DISEASE OF THE LEFT & RIGHT HIP......also, DEGENERATIVE DISEASE OF THE LEFT & RIGHT KNEE......and neither is from any Fractures Or Dislocations of that area.
THIS, is where he gets the Osteoarthritis diagnoses from.

What concerned me with the Blood Work was this: (but my doctor didn't seem too concerned though).

Under the Rhematoid Arthritis Factor; My Results was a 39.....with the Range being 9-36.....3 points over the Reference Interval.....and it stated that it was HIGH (in BOLD highlights).
Also.....under My Comp. Metabolic Panel (14)....My Creatinine, Serum was HIGH....1.06....and the Range being....0.57-1.00.....6 points OVER the Norm.

My Glom Filt Rate, Est was: 56 is Normally 59.

Now, tell me.....wouldn't these Counts concern You.....even if I don't' know what the heck they mean.....just the fact that they are HIGHER & LOWER than the NORMAL Ranges scares Me......!!!!!

Now a Good Doctor....would have sat me down and discussed this with me....Right.....Not MY Doctor.....he didn't say a word other than....."uummm yeah, your counts look real good to me".
Even if it ISN'T anything.....well then TELL ME THAT TOO.....but discuss it with Me and tell Me what the heck it is.....I don't think I am asking for too You??!!!

I plan on looking Online and seeing what I could come up with to Why these are the way they are.....and what can be done to make them Right.

Everything else was Fine.....and even "I" could see That.

Am I being toooooo paranoid....???

Well Today's Visit confirmed 3 things......

My doctor confirmed the Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthrits.....which it what he said over the ph. last why did I have to come in for you to tell me that All Over Again......what, for my $20. CoPay!!!

Anyway, he said that he is putting me on a couple new meds and if They don't work.....THAN SURGERY IS NEEDED INSTEAD!!!!

I was like....."whaattttt, are you sure".

I have to call and make an Appt. with an Ortho. Surgeon. (I still have to make the call for that).
Not sure what He will decide....but I will weigh my options first.

I can't remember the name of the New Med he put me on for the Osteoarthritis, it is still at the drug store....but as soon as it is filled, I will post the name.
He also Lessened my Vicodine, he is big time afraid that I will get "addicted" to it....honestly, that may happen to Some People....but if it was going to happen to me, I think it would have done so by now....don't ya think.
Anyway, he also prescibed another Pain take along with Or in place of the Vicodine, so we will see how That Works.....GOD Willing, it will work out just fine, because I don't have ANY problem stopping the Vicodine....because I DON'T feel that I am Addicted to it....AT ALL. (and I am Grateful to GOD for that).

Right about Now, I will do just about anything to take this pain away....It is REALLY limiting my ability to do Anything......even hold my Grandbabies.

In the past week Or so, I have been having a lot of Hand Pain....and noticed that things are Falling right out of my Hands at times.....and That worries me.
THAT, along with my Knees and Feet GIVING WAY on me.....I am soo afraid to do Anything with the Grands for fear I might drop them.
At times they just want to be Held....and what if I am not able to do That would be a Very Sad Day if That happens.

Oops, I never got around to telling you the 3 things did I, hhhmmmm.....Or maybe I did....lolol.

Okay, let's see......One of the Things is....(which I've already mentioned)....the Confirmation of the Osteoarthritis & the Fibromyalgia.

The second is the Appt. I need to make with the Ortho. Surgeon (which I've already mentioned as well).

And the Third would be......."I am thinking about switching dortors Soon".
Yup, he's about to get Fired....his bedside manners are starting to deminish......

He seems to not take me serious.....even though the Proof is right before him.
He just hands me the scripts.....and tells me "this should take care of everything" (Or something to that effect).....and I am like..."whatttt, are you serious....aren't you going to tell me WHAT the heck I am taking & WHY".......that's it, I gave you too many times to get it Right......Now, YOUR DONE!!!

He would ask me a question about how & what I am feeling....and at the same time, He is Not Listening to me.....I could have to him that I had a Green Head coming out of the side of my neck....and he probably wouldn't even realise it!!!!!......I wanted to say to him......ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME DOCTOR!!????

THAT is not the kind of doctor I want caring for me......

I wonder had My Husband gone with me....would he have showned me more attention......hhhmmmm.
My husband decided to stay home with Our Granddaughter instead of dragging her out of the I went it alone.

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