Monday, July 6, 2009's visit to the Pulmo. Doctor didn't go over too well either...sigghh.

Although HE was a Gem, his suggestions for me I wasn't too pleased with.

He wants me to go back to the Same Doctor that had his back to me the whole visit (the Rheumo.)...but I refused, and said that I will stick with the New Rheumo......until He messing up.

He also said that He doesn't think that it is Sarky that's bothering me......He says it is the Fibromyalgia......sigghhhh, once again...I think a doctor is Wrong.

I have NEVER read Anywhere, where it says that one with Fibromyalgia suffers with what "I" suffer with.....He also said that the symptoms I am describing are NOT of what one experiences with the Flu....(I told him that I have Flu Like Symptoms)....He said that they are in line with the Fibromyalgia.....aauuggghhh.....I am soooooooo frustrated to say the least.

He suggested that I get on some Medicine for the Fibromyalgia and see if that works....and I MAY have to try several of them till I find the one that Works.....and if NONE OF THEM WORK, Then he will try another route.....I tell ya, I am sooooooooooo tired of going to doctors right about now.

Again, I felt REAL comfortable with the visit with him....but I am not convinced that what I am experiencing is from Fibromyalgia......I WILL STAND BY MY THOUGHTS OF IT BEING SARKY!!!

Soooo....the prays will continue.

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