Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surprisingly....I had a Good Day yesterday!!!

Just a few "minor" aches & pains here and there....but overall, it was Good.

The weather was Great, and we had to go out of town to my son's doctors appt.....had packed a Cooler with Sandwiches & stuff.....and one of the Grands, lol.
The doctors visit was longer than I expected it to be....but it was an early appt., and when we got out....the waiting room was Packed, so I am totally grateful that ours was early.

The ride there & back was pleasant also.

Now Today, well that is a different story......oh well, you can't have it all....lolol.
I am feeling alot of aches & pains today.....and I am thinking all the rain we had overnight & this morning may have something to do with it.
My hips & spine are reallyyyy giving me problems today.....but I am dealing with it.....have no other choice But Too.

I need to make some doctors appt.'s soon, but can't do so until I have enough money for co-pays.....Sad isn't it, can't go to the doctors because you can't afford even the Co-Pay....aaauuuggghh!!

I think I will have to set some time aside for next month for all the visits.....maybe even borrow some money from the "kiddos".....I'm sure they won't have a problem helping out for that.

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