Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I got the Call yesterday for my appt. with the Disability Doctors

They called to let me know when the date & time of the appt. was....it is for the end of this Month, July 27th & 28th...for some reason they do it for two days she said.
I am looking forward to the visits, and I PRAY that all goes well....and they BEILIEVE Me and understand what I am going through.

When I think of ALL those people out there who ARE on Disability.....AND REALLY DON'T NEED IT....it sickens me.....because that is taking away from those like ME who REALLY DO NEED IT.
Anyway....Only GOD knows who will actually get it....and who won't.....I JUST PRAY THAT I AM ONE OF THEM WHO DO.....and I pray for ALL those who really do need it (like me) and are waiting an answer regarding their case...May they get their prayers answered as well.


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