Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Want to Apologize

I want to apologize for My absence in the Past few weeks....I know I promised to have something for you to read EVERY WEEK, but not Every Day.....and I have "Laxed" in that, so again....I apologize.

The reason why I was "invisible", was because of several reasons.
One being Sarky was playing some Major Tricks on me...thereby having Me confused like you wouldn't believe.

I THOUGHT....Sarky was leaving Me, Or better yet....going into Remission....but I was Fooled....."Heyyyy, it wasn't April Fools Day yet".

What happened was this.....

One day, I noticed that the Pain in My hands were not as prevalent.....and from the waist Up, Sarky was there.....but not like before.

I didn't mention it to ANYONE, because I just needed to see for Myself.
Then, a few days into it being like that.....I couldn't hold it in, I called My Mother and told her that I HAD A FEELING SARKY WAS GOING INTO REMISSION.....and I think you could hear the excitement in My voice.

I've Always dreamed of One Day THAT Happening....but didn't think it really would......and guess what,.....IT REALLY DIDN'T!!!!

Once Again, Sarky got the best of Me and Played the Dirtiest Trick in the Book....."Hide & Seek".
In "Chronic Land" just don't Play that Game, it is NOT funny in the least......I almost started into a TINY Depression....But I pulled Myself back together again and decided that "it just wasn't My Time for "Sir Remission" to visit.

Slowly, but Surely.....Sarky worked it's way Back to the Upper Part of My Body (fingers, hands, elbows, neck....).....My Fingers are soo swollen, that you could literally see the difference.....and THEY HURT!!!
My Elbows.....aaauugghhh, I can't even lift up My Grand babies Now.
Basically.....Everything is back to Normal.....Normal being, Painful Joints, Muscles, etc......the Whole Entire Body!!!

The other reason for My absence is My Family.....(daughter & her family), they are on a search for an Apt....and I've been busy taking them to different places and such.
Also, to try and take My thoughts away from Sarky.....I've started a Patio for My front yard.
It is really small....and I am just in the beginning stages of it.

It helps alot....but then I get reminded of Sarky later on when the Pain sets in.

Well.....'What are ya gonna do' (throwing hands up in the air).

Hopefully I will be on again with My Post, to keep this Site
It will probably be Once Or Twice a Week since I will be busy with the Yard.....but I am determined to Post SOMETHING....even if it is just to say "heyyyy", lolol.

Thank You for Your Support.....and "Post" to you soon!!!

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