Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I think I may be Retaining Water

I am not sure, but I think I am Retaining Water.
That, Or I am swelling up from Sarky.
Either way, it is not a good thing.

Something else for me to bring up to my doctors.

My legs feel real tight, from my calf....down to my ankles.
Now I almost ALWAYS have swollen Feet & Ankles...but it is rare for my Legs to be as tight as they are.

A way that I can tell if they ARE Retaining Water....is to press my fingers into my Legs.....if when I pull them back and it shows my finger prints, then I am Retaining Water.

Usually if I put my legs up, this will bring down the swelling....but if they don't go down after that, then I will give the doctors a call.

InshaAllah (GOD Willing) it is not anything serious.......


In the Wake of an Emergency....what would you do about your Meds.??!!

In the Event of an Emergency, whether it be from a Flood, Hurricane, Earthquake, Tornado, Fire....etc.....What will you do if you are without Your Meds.??!!!!

IT IS A SCARY THOUGHT FOR ME.....How about You??

I always say, in the Event of an Emergency, there are a few things I would like to SAVE if it is at all possible.

One would be MINE & MY SON'S MEDS., another would be My Safe (although it is Fire Proof so I guess I could leave that)....and Most Importantly, anyone who was left in the House....I would want to make sure they were out of the House.

I sat back this morning and thought about what would happen if I didn't have My meds. due to a Disaster of some kind....and not only Me, but my son as well.

He has a history of seizures, so if he was without his meds. his seizures would resurface again...he is also on Behavior Meds. and if he didn't have those to take....let's just say that he would not be the Nicest Person to be around (and it would not be his fault).......GOD Forbid.

And Me.....well, I would end up in the Hospital for sure...and THIS would be the case if it was not a Flood Or anything like that that would prevent me from going to the Hospital.
I would be sooooo sick, I could even see myself being unconscious from not having my meds. for a few days....I would be out of it for sure.
And I don't think my body would be able to fight off the Sarky Attack......I would be soo weak, the only thing that would help IS my meds. Or if I was able to get to a Hospital.....they would have to draw a line for an IV immediately.

I am not joking Or exaggerating either.....

I was watching a program this morning, and they were talking about the Katrina Disaster.
How All those Poor people were left alone to starve, and some even Die.
Some were Wheelchair bound, on Life Support, needed to have Dialysis....and some, like Me....had a condition where Meds. were taken on a daily basis to survive their illness.


These are the questions that came to MY MIND when all of that was happening to those Poor people.
It was a Horrible thing that had to happen to them.....and We could not even imagine what they were going through.....Ya ALLAH!!!

I don't know about anyone else....but because I DO take meds. daily, those kind of questions became a concern of mine.....OHH THOSE POOP PEOPLE!!!

What will happen in the Wake of an Emergency for those who have to live the Lives on Meds......

Those people that were hit by Katrina didn't have a chance, they didn't know that that was going to be the End Result.....so they didn't have Or didn't even think that they would need a Backup Plan.

They tell Us that we should have a "Plan" in place in the event something like that happens to you in your lifetime.....but how do you plan for something like that......is there even a way to plan, especially in the case of a Flood.....if YOU are in the Flood, so are the Pharmacies, Hospitals, Emergency Clinics....the list goes on & on.

There will be soooooooooo many people that will suffer from their illness if they are struck with one of these Disasters......I pray that it NEVER happens to Me Or Mine, and if it does.....Whew, I don't even want to think about it......!!!!!!!!

But in any other case, like My Pharmacy burning down, Or something happens to the Hospital....Or just anything that would deter me from getting my medicine Or my son's medicine....it would be a hard thing to deal with.

Now I am not by any means comparing THAT with the Floods, Earthquakes, Tornados....etc....that some are have & will be afflicted by.......that would be totally unfair of Me.

I am speaking of the Minor things that could happen, and what could I do to retrieve my meds. in that type of situation.

It is something to think about for sure.

I pray that it never happens....but if it did, I pray that I would not have to be without them for too long, and that goes for my son.....AND ANYONE ELSE IN OUR PERDICAMENT.

May ALLAH/GOD (swt) Save Us from those types of Major Dangers....and the Minor Dangers as well, and May HE (the Almighty) have for Us a way to get Our Medicine & Emergency Care in the event that any one of those occurs........AMEEN.


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