Monday, July 27, 2009

I had the appt. with the Disability Doctors today.

For the most part, the day started off good....until I had to WAIT in the waiting room for the longest time time I got in to see the First Doctor, I was "SPENT"....meaning, I was in soooooooo much pain that I don't know how I got through it.
THEN.....I had to go back out and wait to see the other Doctor (they allowed me to have both visits today so I wouldn't have to return tomm.)...I could barely sit still....I COULD NOT WAIT TO GET BACK HOME.

My shoulders felt like they were ten times their size.....PAINNNNNNFULLLL.
And my Back & Spine were in High Gear...!!!!...something told me to bring my cane, and I did.

I'm STILL in pain......

Now it is just a WAITING GAME I guess Now.....GOD Willing it will go in My Favor!!!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Well the Days are Near......

Monday & Tuesday that is....lolol.

I have my appt.'s on Monday & Tuesday with the Disability Doctors.......I pray that ALL goes Well & in My Favor!!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Hips & Spine is on FIREEEEE!!!

Not sure if the RAIN has anything to do with it.....all I know is, IT IS ON FIRE!!!

It literally feels like someone is putting a hot lighter to them......and I am NOT exaggerating either.
I can't sit for long.....Or lay for long, and when I was waking up this morning (late morning), I could barley lay in the bed right....if I layed on my back, IT HURT LIKE CRAZY.....if I layed on my stomach, IT HURT A LITTLE LESS....and when I layed on either side (left Or right), I was able to lay that way for a longer period of time than the other two ways (back & stomach).

It was horrible....

I think while I'm sleeping, I must be OUT OF IT to realize that the pain is there....but as soon as the morning comes.....OH MY let's me know about it with the quickness!!!!!

I will be starting a NEW Med. soon (Gabapentin 300 mg. capsule GRE)....I will start another Thread about that soon.....I just pray that that will take care of Most of My discomfort.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I got the Call yesterday for my appt. with the Disability Doctors

They called to let me know when the date & time of the appt. is for the end of this Month, July 27th & 28th...for some reason they do it for two days she said.
I am looking forward to the visits, and I PRAY that all goes well....and they BEILIEVE Me and understand what I am going through.

When I think of ALL those people out there who ARE on Disability.....AND REALLY DON'T NEED sickens me.....because that is taking away from those like ME who REALLY DO NEED IT.
Anyway....Only GOD knows who will actually get it....and who won't.....I JUST PRAY THAT I AM ONE OF THEM WHO DO.....and I pray for ALL those who really do need it (like me) and are waiting an answer regarding their case...May they get their prayers answered as well.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

I can see This is going to be a Longggg Haul...sigghh.

For the past Two Days, I have been feeling Very Crappy......and yesterday was the first time that I noticed the "knee problems" again.
While I was on the Pred., my knees were not hurting as much as if I WASN'T on the Pred.....and NOW, the Creaks & Pain....and the sound of "leather pants rubbing" IS BACK.

I woke up Stiff.....but not as bad as before, but you can 'bet your bottom dollar' that the Worst of the Stiffness WILL be doubt.

I felt Really Horrible today (NO ENERGY AT ALL, among other things)....but I know the worst is yet to come (because I am not on the Pred. anymore)....I am not looking forward to it to say the least.

Something I am noticing though lately, is the fact that I have been having alot more Indigestion....not sure what THAT is all about, but it was sooo bad last night...I honestly thought I was going into a Heart Attack.
ANYTHING that I eat is causing it.....I will be letting my PCP know about that.

Today's ill health made it Very Difficult to care for my Grands.....but I did it, don't know how....but I did it.
It became much easier when my Granddaughter left....I LOVE HER TO DEATH, but she is Alot More active than my Grandson....she is a Ball of Energy....of which I had NONE of Today.
So when She went home...and it was just my Grandson & I, I wasn't as stressed and could deal with my illness better.....he is soooooooooo layed back and easy-going, I don't have to reprimand him as much as I have to do with my Granddaughter.
She is just sooooo inquisitive....Bless her lil heart, and does not stop inquiring....NOTHING stops her (unless she is ill that is, lol).

Anywho.....I have a long road ahead of me, and I just Pray to GOD that I will be able to Function enough to be an asset to My family & friends when they need me.


Monday, July 6, 2009's visit to the Pulmo. Doctor didn't go over too well either...sigghh.

Although HE was a Gem, his suggestions for me I wasn't too pleased with.

He wants me to go back to the Same Doctor that had his back to me the whole visit (the Rheumo.)...but I refused, and said that I will stick with the New Rheumo......until He messing up.

He also said that He doesn't think that it is Sarky that's bothering me......He says it is the Fibromyalgia......sigghhhh, once again...I think a doctor is Wrong.

I have NEVER read Anywhere, where it says that one with Fibromyalgia suffers with what "I" suffer with.....He also said that the symptoms I am describing are NOT of what one experiences with the Flu....(I told him that I have Flu Like Symptoms)....He said that they are in line with the Fibromyalgia.....aauuggghhh.....I am soooooooo frustrated to say the least.

He suggested that I get on some Medicine for the Fibromyalgia and see if that works....and I MAY have to try several of them till I find the one that Works.....and if NONE OF THEM WORK, Then he will try another route.....I tell ya, I am sooooooooooo tired of going to doctors right about now.

Again, I felt REAL comfortable with the visit with him....but I am not convinced that what I am experiencing is from Fibromyalgia......I WILL STAND BY MY THOUGHTS OF IT BEING SARKY!!!

Soooo....the prays will continue.

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