Monday, March 2, 2009

Finger Tips....feeling a little funny!!!

I noticed the other day....that my finger tips on my left hand, were feeling a little tingly.
As I am typing this, I am feeling it again.

Yesterday was the second time that I felt I would have to say that it has been 3 times in the past 4 days.

I have no clue of what it is....they tingle, then it feels almost like what you feel after burning your fingers slightly on something.....and then you have a pulsating feeling after that.

It is weird, and I am recording it for my next visit to my doctor next month....or sooner if it gets worse.

Of course I am associating it to Sarky.....almost everything has a Sarky Tag to it now a days.
But we will see......


From Sun Sun Set.

Here I will write how a Single Day will be for Me with Sarky.

I wake up around 5ish for my Morning Prayer.....I sit on the edge of the bed trying to comtemplate how I am going to maneuver myself from my the bathroom across the hall.

I start out by grabbing my Cane (left over from when My mother hurt her leg yrs. ago falling down the stairs) I grip the Cane, I am still mulling over in my mind which way to go about this.

By now at least 3 mins. have gone by.

I then make my first move....Cane in hand wiggling away....I grab tight to the Cane with One Hand and the other hand is gripping my Computer Desk (that sits right next to my bed).
As IT wiggles right along with Me, I finally get to a standing position.....and off I go.....SLOWLY towards the bedroom door.....grinding my teeth together, walking on the sides of my feet, and shouting out as low as I could with each step (trying not to wake my son who is sleeping across the hall).

I get to the bathroom door, and slide my way to the toilet (oops, too much info. for ya....)....after I am done in there, the same steps are taken to get BACK to the bedroom.
By time I reach my room, a good 10-15 mins. have passed by.....Wayyyy too long for an ordinary person, but with the amount of pain I am in, there is no Way that I could get it done in a shorter time.

It literally Wipes Me Out too....when I sit down to make my prayer, my legs are going from side to side because I am trying to shake the pain away....I can barely concentrate on my prayers.

When the prayers are to bed I go, till my alarm rings for me to get up and get my son off to school.
He is still in High School (this is his last yr.), and 7 times out of 10, he will give me a hard time to get him ready.
And I don't need that with All the pain I am in.
He sometimes tells me....."Ma, if you are in THAT MUCH Pain, then maybe I should stay home"....Yeah, I ain't in THAT MUCH Pain...Your still going to school....Pain Or Not, You are outta here.......

If I have my granddaughter over, she is usually up by now (he gets on the bus at 7:45am) I get her bottle ready, and I grab a banana so I can take my pills for the morn.

If I have TOO MUCH movement in the morn.....the pain comes on FAST, but let's say it is the weekend, and my son doesn't have school...than I am not rushing around alot and my movements are a lot slower, so I can hold off till about 8am to take my pills.

After that, I will sit and watch some television...basically to keep myself STILL so the meds. can kick in.

Now it is time for a little house work....and I mean little, lol.
Between 10 & 11am, my granddaughter is whining for a I get her ready for that and then I make my mid afternoon prayer.

Then I clean up what lil Miss Tornado managed to destroy in her morn. playtime.....and I wait for my next dose of Meds. to come around (between 11am - 12pm).
She usually sleeps a good 2-3 hours in the morn.....Yayyy, lol.

Around 1:15 the Grandson comes through the door, and the Granddaughter is wide awake (I would have had my 2nd prayer in while she slept)....ready to play, and My first Afternoon Dose is already in me....and it needs to be, because THOSE TWO are like 5 kids between the two of them......if I didn't have my meds. in me while I have can forget it!!!!

They usually go non-stop for the next few hours.....making me tired just looking at them, and then they are ready for a Nap, between 3 and 4pm (I get my late afternoon prayer in now).
By now I can feel my hands hurting, my knees tingling, and my feet swelling up....and I waste No Time getting my meds. in me after those warning signs.

My Grandson leaves an hour Or so after that, and dinner is made (if I didn't already have it done) son's plate is fixed, I'll have him in the shower for the next day and HIS Meds. are taken.
My daughter would have come home between 12 & 1pm, so my Granddaughters needs are being taken care of by her.

I usually head up stairs to my room (& my computer) for the ending of my day (and it's time for the eve. prayer).
While trying to get some work done on it....those oh soo familiar feelings of pain would once again Creep Back Up Again, letting me know that "IT'S TIME"!!!!!!!
So I pull myself away to grab my meds. on my nightstand and resume to what I was working on.

I MIGHT catch a little TV on one of my breaks (I HAVE TO step away from the computer from time to time, because if I don't....Meds. Or no Meds., the body will let me know about it).....and then I will head back up to do some more work (I am a Moderator for a Sisters Group online).

My nights are usually long, because I try to stay up and wait for my husband to come home from work (around 1am-ish).....and some times, I am still on when he walks through the door....but I realized, the more I am on it doing my work....the more meds. I have to take.
I must be working my hands too much.

Then it is off to bed.
If my Granddaughter spends the night, I stay downstairs with her because she sleeps too wild for my and my husband, so there is a Futon Mattress that we keep in one of the storage rooms and her & I will sleep on that in the living room.
I have a good nights sleep when she is here, but the mornings are like I had the worse nights sleep....and that is because I am basically on the floor and have to get up from that position in the morn......NOT GOOD I TELL YA!!!

I deff. use my Cane those days....there is no way I can get up from that floor without it....and it takes twice as long to get up on those mornings.

Well, that's a nutshell.
Doesn't sound like much....but if you had to live it for ONE DAY in place of Me, I promise would be like...."dangggggg, I didn't' know it was that bad".


Evening could have gone better......

Today started out right.....but towards the end, in the all went down hill for me.

I took my meds too late again, because I was trying to focus on getting my granddaughter together to go back home.....and in the middle of all that, I missed my dose.

So as I am writing this, I am about a half hour late on my meds.....and I am feeling it big time too.....YIKES!!

I noticed it when I pulled up to their place, and I felt alittle irradiated....and my hands were not gripping the steering wheel right....also, my feet kept slipping off the brake......I think it was my nervous systems that was being affected at the time, my foot just kept jumping and every time I tried to hold it still, it would slip off the brake......SCARYYYYY.

I left her bottle at my house, so that meant I had to drive back to get it and bring it to her (she had none with her) back I went.....scared the whole time, I tried to keep my mind focused because I didn't want to get into an accident.
I finally got the bottle back to her, and on my way driving was getting worse, I REALLY needed my med. I pulled up to my house, I almost jumped out of my car to get inside (all while limping along because my body was in sooo much pain).
I scarfed down a piece of corn bread (it was the first thing that I could grab), and poured a glass of Grape Juice and sat in my Fav. chair in the living room and ROCKED.....I rocked, and rocked and rocked....till I could feel the meds. working it's way through my body.
It was 100% through....but just knowing it was on it's way meant a whole lot to me.

All of that brings me back to a time two Summer's ago, when I had soo much pain in my hands while driving....that I actually had to use the sides of my hands to drive, I thought for sure I was going to crash.
It hit me out of no where.....and at the time, I wasn't on any pain meds.....just the OTC Flu Meds.
I was driving home....and all of a sudden I felt this pain slowly creeping up my hands towards my fingers....I would take one hand off the Wheel and shake it around a bit, thinking that that would solve the problem.....but it didn't.....and I continued to drive, and after going back & forth with the shaking of my hands, I realized....the only way I was going to be able to drive, was to use the sides of my hands....I was like, "this is ridiculous"....I need something to take this pain away (I was thinking THEN about seeing a doctor because things were getting out of pun intended).

Well, I guess I must be feeling a little better since I am able to make "jokes"........

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