Friday, April 24, 2009

Tingling & Numbness in some Extremedies.

Lately, I have been feeling an extreme amount of Numbing & Tingling in some of my ext my Arms, and parts of my Legs.

While watching TV, Or reading something on the computer.....all of a sudden, I will feel some numbness in my Hands, Arms and even my Feet.
With my Arms, I noticed it will happen if I lay on my Left Side while watching TV Or even if I am sitting up watching TV....and then as soon as I move it, I feel numbness and then the Tingling starts.
The other morning after waking up for the Day, it happened again....and usually I could just "shake it out" Or "work it out" by rubbing my hands....but not this time, it stayed like that for quite some time....and I started to get a little worried.

With my Legs, if I lay on the Left Side it almost ALWAYS happens....along with Major Discomfort & Pain....for some reason, THIS LEG (the left) me More problems than the Right One.....but I still have the same problems, just not as much on the Right.

My Feet....Well now that's another story, one that I could write a short story about......sighhhh.

If I SIT TOO LONG....they Hurt...IF I STAND TO LONG....They Hurt....WHEN I GET UP IN THE MORNING....I can't bare weight on them AT ALL!!!!!.....and it continues like that throughout the Day.

The tingling & numbness is really not a NEW THING, but it is becoming more "evident" if you will, in the past few weeks Or so.

The "NEW" Medicine Doesn't Work.....Now What!!

So Now What......

When I go back to the doctors on the 1st of May, I have to tell him that the New Medicine he put me on.....the Meloxicam 15mg (anti-inflammatory medicine), DOES NOT WORK!!!

So far it has been 3 weeks since I started on it.....and I KNOW I should have felt some kind of difference by now, but NOPE.....Nothing!!!
I still have the same Pain....If not Worse......and it is really disturbing me to say the least.

How many types of Meds. will I have to TRY.....before I can get the RIGHT One......aaaauuuggghhh.

When I think of it.....My body actually feels like I should be 80-90 yrs. old, not that I know how they feel on a Physical Level, but from back when I used to be a CNA.....I would LISTEN to my residents when they Spoke to me about How They are Feeling.....and let me tell ya, I FEEL LIKE I AM THERE!!!!

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