Monday, June 22, 2009

Had a "blahhh" day today......

I am not sure what is going on....and Why, but....for the past couple days, I noticed that my Sarky Symptoms are coming on stronger than normal with the Pred.

This morning I woke up with extreme pain in my Hips, Spine, Up & Down my legs....and few other spots I can't remember, but I know that it was there.....ANDDD, I feel like crap!!!
I am sooo weak, and sore all over...I feel like I did a ton of exercises the day before.....and I hadn't done Anything.
I refrained from taking any Pain Pills.....don't have much left and what I do have, I may need for a more severe case of the Sarky's.

It really seems like the Pred. is wearing off on me...ALL Day Long I was feeling like this, CRAPPY....but I was trying to hold it together because I had to care for the Grands.
I am praying that tomm. proves to be a better day.....I really felt like staying in the bed all day today.
I am starting to get really worried Now.....because if NO ONE can come up with a Plan to rid me of these symptoms so that I can function day-to-day....What will become of Me.
I won't be able to care for the Grands....Or anyone else for that matter, even Myself....I will literally be Bedridden....and I'm not joking.

I called and made an appt. with a Pulmonologist....and that is set for July 6th (GOD Willing), I tried to get it for a sooner date....but wasn't able to get a slot for the early morn.....Oh Well, it is only two weeks away.
I had called my PCP to see if he can take me off the Pred.....just so "I" can see what will happen, but he suggested that I stay on it until I see the Pulmy. doctor.

Ooohhh, I dread to find out how the next few days are going to be like......

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