Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guess What's BACK.....

The FOOT PAIN is BACK......sighhh.

It was gone for a while....a few Months to be exact, but since about last week...I've noticed that I had a lot of Pain upon getting out of the bed, and if I've been sitting for a while....oh, and also if I am on them for too long (like while shopping, out to do laundry, Or even just moving around the house a too much).

They feel like they are swelled up also.....but they're Not.
And don't get me started on the sharp pains that "ring through them" every now & again.....OUCHHHH!!!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Reaction from the New Med.....YIKESSS!!

Well I won't be taking any more of the New Med. did my body REAL BAD the other night!!!
And I ONLY took One dose of it.

I honestly thought I was going to die....all things darn Side Effects started Flooding in Me....Or should I say...."Out of Me".
First off, I felt a little....funny, like things just weren't right....ya know.
Then my hands started shaking.....and I was sweating.....also, my thumb on my Left Hand started to Twitch......badly, like I've never seen before.....TALK ABOUT BEING SCARED!!!!

My Heart Rate went up as well....and then came the the Anxiety, but I was able to Control That through Prayer & "self control" techniques.

Well I guess it is safe to say.....I will NOT be using That Med. Again!!!.....I would rather Live with the Pain & Discomfort, than to have to LIVE like That.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Names of New Meds.

Okay....the names of the New Meds. I'm are:

Gabapentin 300 mg. (Neurontin).
Propoxyphen-APAP 100-650 MGTEV (Darvocet)......for Pain (PRN).
Sevella (it hasn't come in as is still trying to get a hold of some for me).
Women's Multi Vit.
Calcium with Vit. D.

That's It, for Now.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I had a Doctors Appt. Today with My Rheumy....

So I went to see my Rheumy. today.....I have to confess, I did not even remember that I had an appt., until I checked my ph. messages on Monday....from Sunday, lolol.
Anywho.....I went, and I was comfortably with the Game Plan.....he is going to Increase the Gabapentin that he has me on (it is not working to it's full capacity....still in alot of pain, but not like before).
He also put me on a Pain Med (can't remember the name as yet, the script is still in the drug store....lolol, but I THINK it is Percocet).
And the other Medicine is one of those New Meds. out there for Fibromyalgia....AND, can't remember the name.
I will get ALL the names of the Meds. as soon as my daughter can get her and go pic them up for me...lolol.

I am excited to try this NEW Regime of Meds.....and GOD Willing it will Work THIS TIME.

I will be giving an Update Real Soon with the NAMES of the Meds......AND, how everything is working for Me.

THANKS for checking in.....

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