Saturday, April 18, 2009

Had the ol' Knees & Hips "Xray-d" Today

GOD Willing, SOMETHING will show up THIS TIME on the Results of my Xrays today.
I have to go back to see my doctor (a Rheumatologist) on the 1st of next Month.....and I am praying that ALL the Blood Work & Xrays will show what I've been feeling the past 3-4 yrs.

It is sooooo important that My Doctor will be able to know for sure what has been going on with me in between Visits.

Oh...and btw, I had Xrays of my Hips & Knees (and it was a bit uncomfortable trying to lay there for those xrays too) the past Nothing would show up, but this time....I am praying like crazy that something Will....I need for My doctor to FINALLY see what this Diease it doing to Me!!!!!

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