Friday, May 15, 2009

I think I may need to return to using "The Pred."....just for a bit.

Since my Rheumotoligist is insisting on NOT increasing my Pain Meds....I think I may have to get on The Pred. (Prednisone) after all.
I really, and truly didn't want to go that route....but because I am running out of Pain Meds. quicker is imperative that I get SOME KIND of relief.....and I think it will have to be through the Pred.

My "Rheum." doctor is on Vac. for two I am going to try and get my PCP to write a prescription for it, and I am PRAYING that he Will.
Usually, he will leave things that deal with the Rheum. doctor.....but considering He's on Vac., I pray that he will understand........GOD Willing!!!!

I have a doctor's appt. with my PCP on I guess I will swing back through here THEN.


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