Monday, April 13, 2009

Have you Ever Noticed.......

Have you Ever Noticed, while Suffering with a Chronic Illness (Or a Short Term one as well).....that while having an "episode", all the sudden....your body starts to React to the Pain/Discomfort....before you Even Realized it Yourself.....???!!!


Well the other day, while sitting on the edge of my bed (not sure what I was doing in the meantime) leg started Rocking and I began Humming.
THIS is the very things that I will start to do when Sarky is "raising up" on me.

It actually startled me when it happened.....because I wasn't aware that Sarky was even there at the time....I must have been in Deep Thought to NOT Notice Sarky let me tell ya....and when I realized I was doing it for That Reason, I said to myself....."Wowwww, it is like clock work that these motions will react to the Pain....letting me know, in an indirect way....that once again, Sarky is demanding My attention".

Had My Visit Today

I had my doctors visits Today.....and it didn't go TOTALLY as planned, but I was able to get a few things Said.

It didn't go as planned because upon NOT taking my meds.....I became too ill to get out all the things I wanted to discuss with him......I mean, I was in sooooo much had me confused.
I was soooooooo weak, I thought I was going to pass out.....and it is a good thing my husband was with me, because for the amount of time I had to wait to see him....if I'd been by myself, I think I would have deff. been on the floor when he finally came in the room.
I basically used my husband as my "Cane".....I walked soo far up against the Wall on my way to the exam room....and then used my husband (& the doctor) to get up on the exam was awful.

He asked me why I was in soo much discomfort....and I told him that I hadn't taken my meds yet for the Day (which was MY Plan....but it backfired on me because I was too weak & in pain to talk).
I told him the reason why I didn't take them, it is so he could see how I am WITHOUT my meds. on a daily basis.....I also said that whenever I visit with him.....I never get the chance to Or forget to...tell him what had been going on the Previous Months.
So, while I was trying to talk....he was jotting down what I was saying......I was explaining to him what my symptoms were.

He seemed concerned....but at the same time, when I told him what meds. I refused to take for the morn. (the Vicoden), he had the nerve to tell me that the Pain & Discomfort that I was having, was probably due to me being on the Pain Meds. for soo long........"WHAT, ARE YOU SERIOUS"!!!

I told him that NO, it wasn't because of that....and that from DAY ONE, I have had these Symptoms WITHOUT even being on ANY Pain Meds.
I didn't start taking Pain Meds. until I came to see him.....and that was a little over a yr. ago.

I was in Pain & Furious at that same time.

He then tried to blame my Pain in My knees on My weight.......AGAIN, I have had the Knee Pain since DAY ONE as well.....the Weight Gain may be making the pain worse, but the Pain was Deff. there before I got Heavy......I PROMISE YOU THAT.
And btw, the Weight Gain is from the other meds. I'm on for the Idio Pathic Angioadema (from my PCP).

He decided to take Blood Work (to check my ACE Levels), YAYYYYYY....because he seems to think that Other Things may be going on with me besides the Sarky (just great)......he mentioned, Lupus & Fibormyalgia.....along with some other things that I can't remember.
I WAS FLOORED.....I mean, My Mother DID mention to me before about possibly having the Fibormyalgia.....but I didn't think it was That, I just thought that Sarky was really doing a number on me.

Well, I am praying like crazy that the ACE Levels prove that I am indeed having Sarky symptoms.....but than again, I have been told by other Sarky Sufferers...that even if you are having Full Blown Sarky symptoms....Your ACE Levels might not show it as the prayers have been flowing All Day Long (I am even asking EVERYONE I speak to, to say a prayer for me for it as well)......I NEED THESE RESULTS TO BE POSITIVE!!!!.....just to prove that what I am experiencing is indeed the TRUTH....and not a LIE......AND NOT FROM THE MEDS. I'M ON.
Btw, I think this is the FIRST TIME that I've had my ACE Levels checked....for real.

He also wants me to have xrays of my hips & knees.....because I told him that my knees have been Giving Out on me and I have been needing to use my Cane for Support (I also need the Cane for when I wake up in the Morning & when I am on my feet for too long in the Day...because My Feet hurt like CRAZY).

So, GOD Willing....I plan to go up to the Hosp. on Wed. Morning and have the Xrays done.
I don't know what they will find, because I've had CAT Scans done on them.....and other Diagnostic Exams, and they All showed NOTHING.....except that I have Arthritis throughout my body and mainly my left knee......WELL I COULD HAVE TOLD YA THAT.

I am grateful that my doctor ordered these tests, and I think by me going in today WITHOUT my meds. in me.....played a Huge Part in getting some well needed attention.

As he was about to take an important call.....I squeezed In that I wanted the documents of my Blog to be kept in my File, and he said that he would do that.....and he did.....but I also asked that when he had the time, could he PLZ take a look at them....and possibly come to my Blog also, and he said that he would......but I have a feeling that he won't (maybe because of time restraints)......but I still prayed that he would.

Overall, I think the visit went as well as it could considering the condition I was in.....and the fact that I had my husband there to "back me up", was a Plus (thank you Babe....wink).

He wants to see me again in two weeks for a follow GOD Willing, I will be at THAT Appt. as well.

Oh Shoot.....I forgot to mention that he had a HUGE FIT about me being on the Vicodine for soo long......uummm, were giving me the NEW Scripts EVERY time I came to see you every 3 months......where do you think the meds were going......If you thought that I shouldn't have been on them, why were you giving me the New Scripts in the first place.....and why would I need the New Scripts AGAIN in 3 months if I wasn't suppose to be taking them like I was.

And besides....the Anti-inflammatory Meds. He was giving me before.....DIDN'T WORK....None of Them.
So he wrote out a script for a New is called Meloxicam 15 mg.....I will see how they work for me.....although I am a bit worried, because the side effects are One to be Highly Concerned about.....Whoa!!!!
But I will take them for two weeks and see what happens.

I regret not having This conversation with my doctor a long time ago (well I did when I first came back to see him Last Yr.....but I guess with All his patients to attend to Or All their different concerns, MY Illness was not remembered...and I can understand That).....but from Now On, I am going to be ON may take my visit just a little bit longer.....but I will TRY to get Any New thing in, and also tell him what has taken place since Our Last Visit......GOOD, BAD Or INDIFFERENT!!!!!!

It is up to ME to keep him updated the Right Way.....and it is up to Him, to LOG IN the Correct "happenings" with my case.......SO I BLAME THE BOTH OF US, We deff. should have been on Our Game better than We have been.

Until next time.....

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