Thursday, April 30, 2009

TODAY is Worse than Yesterday.....sigghhh.

Today is Worse than yesterday....for some reason.

I am sooo glad that tomm. I will be able to talk to the doctor.....I pray that it is not postponed.

Speaking of "postponements".....My daughters Surgery was postponed today, and it is Now suppose to take place tomm. morn.....GOD Willing.
So NOW I will have to take the baby along with me to the Doctors (her daughter), AND my husband, so he can keep an eye on Her.
I WAS planning on keeping the both of them Home, but since My daughters surgery will be tomm. morn.....I feel it best for them both to be with me, that way my granddaughter won't give my husband a run for his money.

GOD Willing, things will go smoothly for me at the doctors.....and even More Smoothly for my daughter & her Surgery.

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