Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Alright, the meds. are in me...but things are still not the same.
I am really not myself Today for sure......

I will just wait it out till the meds. begin to work....in the meantime, I am going to lay back and rest my body (not that I've been doing things to have the Need to rest....)....I think it will be best if I chill for a while, there is something going on for sure....and I don't have a clue of why.
You know, This usually happens every now & again....but not an All Day Thang.

It is weird.

Okay, I will be back on later on tonight Or some time tomm. if I am not feeling better, so....until then.....be Safe & be Well!!!!


Today is NOT a "GD".....I just can't understand it some times!!!

I don't know why....but Today, My symptoms are coming back to back....and quickly too.

I got up pretty late Today, because I didn't have any of the Grands this morn.....so I too advantage of it and slept in.
And what woke me up was, my sister came by to visit.....she came upstairs and woke me up and told me that it was around 11ish....I was like 'WHATTTT".

So anyway, while she sat at my computer, I told her to tell my son to send up a banana and something to drink so I could take my meds.....I was a couple hours off from taking them at this point.

I waited a few before finally getting out of the bed....and at first I thought everything was fine, but then after being downstairs for a bit....the symptoms started to come back again.
Now I am getting a little worried...because I JUST took the meds. about an hour prior, so why the symptoms.
I just don't understand it some times......

I held off as long as I could.....and it started to get towards 1:30pm I think....when I HAD TO take the next dose.
Now normally, I would wait till 4 hours went by Or that it was coming up on 4 hours....but it was like only 3 hours had gone by and the symptoms were starting to RAGE.
I just can't understand it some times......

Okay....it is now a few mins. to 6pm and My whole body feels like it is on Fire.
It started, as it ALWAYS does....in my Mouth, I can feel the Fever welling up in it....then it slowly works it's way down the rest of my body....until I can't stand it no more, and to be honest....I shouldn't have waited THIS LONG....because it is just going to take longer for it to work, because I waited soo long.....but I had to, it was wayyyy too close to the last dose!!!

And it is not like those Days where I am doing something and I lose track of time....I wasn't doing anything to lose track of time....the symptoms are just creeping up on me sooner than normal.
I just can't understand it some times......

I am going to have to pause here for a moment, because it is really intense, the pain is throughout my entire body....the Fever alone is making me weak, and Every Joint & Muscle is throbbing....I honestly feel like Crap.

And THIS Ladies & Gentlemen....is what MY BODY goes through on a Daily Basis, except...I take the Meds. to "Mask" the symptoms for a while....so I am not feeling it, BUT I KNOW IT IS THERE!!!
I just don't understand it some times.....


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