Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Hips & Spine is on FIREEEEE!!!

Not sure if the RAIN has anything to do with it.....all I know is, IT IS ON FIRE!!!

It literally feels like someone is putting a hot lighter to them......and I am NOT exaggerating either.
I can't sit for long.....Or lay for long, and when I was waking up this morning (late morning), I could barley lay in the bed right....if I layed on my back, IT HURT LIKE CRAZY.....if I layed on my stomach, IT HURT A LITTLE LESS....and when I layed on either side (left Or right), I was able to lay that way for a longer period of time than the other two ways (back & stomach).

It was horrible....

I think while I'm sleeping, I must be OUT OF IT to realize that the pain is there....but as soon as the morning comes.....OH MY GOSHHHH....it let's me know about it with the quickness!!!!!

I will be starting a NEW Med. soon (Gabapentin 300 mg. capsule GRE)....I will start another Thread about that soon.....I just pray that that will take care of Most of My discomfort.


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