Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leg a dang on Tooth Ache!!!!!

My legs (both of them).....were hurting like a Dang On Tooth Ache today.....All Day too.
But funny thing was ONLY my KNEES that hurt (still do as I type this).

You would have thought it was going to Rain Or something......yeah, I's suppose to be an Old Wives Tale, but let me tell ya.....IT'S TRUE!!!

No matter what I did to sooth the pain.....IT WAS THERE, and more intense with each try.
Finally, I decided to just get right up and go outside and do something.....maybe THAT would take the pain away.....I mean, NOTHING ELSE WORKED.

I tried to get a little work done in the take my mind off of the Pain, and it DID help some.....but not all the way, but SOME was better than NONE.

Tomm. promises to be an even better Day than, I guess I will try it out again (working in the yard) just in case the Pain tries to make a second appearance.

Oh, and btw.....the Pain Meds. only took about 75% of the Pain Away......go figure.

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