Friday, March 6, 2009

Right hand....Ring finger!!!

For the past few days, this finger had been in soo much pain....I can barely bend it.

I know that is it part of the Arthritis and all, and there is basically nothing I can do about it.
It is soo swelled up that it feels like I sprained it Or something.....Ouchhh!!!!

As I touch the knuckle, I can feel the swelling...funny thing is, that is the only finger that feels like that...I mean, the others hurt as well (the normal aches & pains that happen EVERYDAY)....but this pain is different....the whole finger looks swelled up.

I guess I need to mark this one down in the ole' "Journal" so that I can have it documented at the doctors next Month.

Oh well......"in the Life of a Sarky Sufferer".
You never know what to expect......


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