Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Not ONLY Pain I am going's other things also.

A lot of focus is on the amount of Pain I have.....but technically, I don't Only have Pain....I have FEVERS, WEAKNESS, All around feeling of ILL HEALTH.

But MY Doctor doesn't hear That Part of Our conversations....even though I let him know each time.

HIS Focus is on my Joint & Muscle Pain, but there is much more going on than That.
This is why I say that Sarky is Alive and Well inside of me...even though My ACE Levels say otherwise....actually, My ACE Levels are at 60 and the Range Starts at 69 I I am ONLY that much away from it SHOWING that I am in Active Sarcoidosis.
Even "I" know that.....

When my symptoms Flare up, it usually starts out with a Fever, then comes the Aches & Pains....and Stiffness, Weakness, Tiredness...."just a want to lay down" feeling.
Like you got the Flu....but every day.

That is why I wanted to know exactly what MY Doctor was treating me it the Joint & Muscle Pain, because THAT is what you Specialize in....Or are you treating the Whole Disease(s)....because there are Multiply symptoms that goes along with Sarky.....some of what I've mentioned above.

And there are Multiply symptoms that go along with Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthritis also.....and All 3 can have Similar Symptoms to eachother.

I just need for People in general, to know that it isn't just the Pain that needs to be focused on.....All of the other symptoms have their share of "making me feel ill" as well.
And sometimes, even more than the Pain.

Well I Did It.....I started the whole SSI/SSDI Chapter!!!!

Last came to me, "I think it is time you started That Chapter in your Life" I did.

They say it will take a long time to fill it out online (a few hours Or so)....and it did.
My Goodness....!!!!

I didn't think I'd ever get done....but thankfully I did.

I also called the #800 number to find out some info. I wasn't sure of...and the lady on the ph. told me that "I" would have to fill out for Both SSI....AND SSDI.

She set me up with a ph. conversation with an Agent next Week and we will go from there.
GOD Willing....everything will go smoothly!!!!

Even if I am denied the First Time (like everyone says they do) least I got it out of the Way.

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