Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I had a Doctors Appt. Today with My Rheumy....

So I went to see my Rheumy. today.....I have to confess, I did not even remember that I had an appt., until I checked my ph. messages on Monday....from Sunday, lolol.
Anywho.....I went, and I was comfortably with the Game Plan.....he is going to Increase the Gabapentin that he has me on (it is not working to it's full capacity....still in alot of pain, but not like before).
He also put me on a Pain Med (can't remember the name as yet, the script is still in the drug store....lolol, but I THINK it is Percocet).
And the other Medicine is one of those New Meds. out there for Fibromyalgia....AND, can't remember the name.
I will get ALL the names of the Meds. as soon as my daughter can get her and go pic them up for me...lolol.

I am excited to try this NEW Regime of Meds.....and GOD Willing it will Work THIS TIME.

I will be giving an Update Real Soon with the NAMES of the Meds......AND, how everything is working for Me.

THANKS for checking in.....

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