Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Shoot....I ran out of Ink.

I think I mentioned that I plan on Copying some of the contents to My Blog....and then have them placed inside of My File at My Doctors.

This idea, came from Mother...."Thanks Mommy".
But when I tried to start the Copying Process...I realized that my ink is Low, although it wasn't brought to my attention by my computer (which it normally does)....this time, I found out by trying to print something out.

Well, My husband needed something printed out as I called him and informed him that I didn't have enough ink left, so he decided he would buy some tomm. when he is off....."Yessss, the Copying can resume", lolol.

Thank You Babe!!!


"Release & Relax".....My NEW Motto!!!

My NEW philosophy is to "Release & Relax"...lolol, just came up with that as I was posting to a Thread that was started in the Support Group I belong to.
The Topic had something to do with Sarky affecting you in a Major Way (Or something to That effect).....Or maybe it was "how Sarky effected you in a Major Way"....lolol, dang....must be a Sarky Moment, because I can't remember what the Title was
Well after I posted My reply....I decided to add at the end, that I needed a moment to Vent at times, because if I didn't.....the consequences would not be Kind.
You shouldn't hold inside of you, All that is bothing You....You need to Release it from time to time....Or else.

This is an excerpt from what I wrote:

".....Living with a Disease that takes your Quality of Life darn there away from Will take you to a place that you would Rather Not Be.....that is only Natural.
But as long as You KNOW you Need to "bring it back home again".....than It's All Good.

In other words, go ahead and 'Vent'....but just know that...#1, it could be worse....and #2, You are still alive and Living, and a lot can still be done with knowing then you take it from there.
But give Me that Moment to "Vent"....because if I don't....than there may be other "situations" to arise that will make matters even Worse.....and NO ONE will want That, I promise You.

"Release & Relax"....Yeah, That will be My new Motto, lol....."

We SHOULD be Grateful for a lot of things We Have....and some We Don't Have...but that is not to say that We can't have any Human Emotions along with the way....
And like I said, as long as We Know...WE NEED TO "Bring it on Back", it is All Good.

So...Go ahead, Release a bit....and then Relax, and give it to GOD....where it belongs!!!
You will deff. get some insight on what to do....and where to go from there, so as Not To carry on with your "Pitty-Party" for too long.
Remember Those that are Less Fortunate than You....and Pray for Them, as you are Praying for Yourself!!!!

I also mentioned that, I've always had it in me to be Grateful....especially since my youngest son was born.....but before That as well.

He was born almost 21 yrs. ago and weighed in at a mere 1lb. 5oz.
The day after his birth....he had a Blood Vessel burst in the back of his head, which in turn caused a condition called Hydrocephalus......"Water on the Brain".
He is Now Mentally/Physically Challenged and has a History of Seizures (they are still there inside of his head, but the medicine he takes is keeping them at bay....).....he has to take Meds. for them (along with a few others) for the rest of his Life.

Now if THAT doesn't bring to your attention, that you need to be Grateful for what you Have....than I don't know what does.

So yeah, I am Grateful that Sarky hasn't gotten to a point that some Have their Spleen, Heart and other Major Organs....but at the same time, when I am feeling like CRAP....I NEED TO 'Vent' alittle.....and you can be Very Sure, that REALITY sets in with the Quickness!!!!...and I "Bring it back on Home" again.


"Sarky" Book....and the Check Points begin!!

Back when I was first diagnosed with Sarky....I purchased a Book by Sandra Conroy called 'SARCOIDOSIS Medical Mystery Uncovered' is My Reference Book from way back then, lol.
It has a lot of Good things inside....but I must say, I think I need to Upgrade to her latest, and soon.....I mean, this one IS 17 yrs. old now, lol.....Or 18, because it came out in 91' and I was diagnosed in 92'.

Soon as I got it in the Mail, I started reading it....and the check marks went a flying...lolol...there were soooooo many symptoms that I had, that was in the was sooo amazing to Me, to see All the different Symptoms....and some of them I didn't have.

Then it got to a part where People who Suffered with Sarky, were giving Their Testimony's if you will....and then the SHOCK came over Me.
I could not BELIEVE what these people....My People (my fellow Sarky Sufferers that is)....were going through.
This One, explained how upon coughing, parts of his Lungs were coming Up...Now THAT scared Me to death.....All I could think of was "is This going to happen to Me".
I can't remember All of the Testimony's, but THAT ONE stuck out like a sore thumb to Me over the yrs......That is one symptom I wanted to Avoid like the Plague.

Anyway, the Check Points are All over this Book...and I am sure that upon going back to Refresh Myself with it...I will find Many More that will Need "the check mark".


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