Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi....My name is Naimah.....AND I HAVE SARCOIDOSIS!!!

Sounds a little like someone who is admitting that they are an ADDICT doesn't it, lolol.
Well, in all honesty....if your illness has reached to the point that mine has, You Are an Addict...from all the different Meds. your 'Many' doctors have you on.....boy, who would have thought it!!

Now that I've got your attention, I think it is time to tell you a little about myself.

I am a 46 yr. old African-American Woman, living day-to-day with Sarcoidosis.....which is an Autoimmune Disease that can literally wreck havoc on Every & Any part of your body.

There are many Online Sites that will tell you "What Sarcoid is"....but I AM HERE to tell you "What LIVING WITH Sarcoid is like".....THE REAL TRUTH, not a few paragraphs that you see Online....which leave out the different TRUTHS about it, either by lack of Knowledge Or sheer Ignorance.
Take your pick.....

I was appalled, about how many Sites "Shovel" misinformation about this Disease, they give you alot of "clinical" mumbo-jumbo...stuff that you have to look up in a dictionary for....and even then you don't know what the heck they are talking about.
And then there's your doctors.....who THINK they know, but really....Most of them don't have a clue.
Now don't get me wrong.....there ARE some who "do have a clue"....but they are soo far and in between that you would be lucky if you could see one of them in your lifetime.
Sad isn't it.......

Anyway, the reason why I have started this Blog....is to "Bring Awareness" to what one plagued with "Sarky" (my nickname for the disease) Lives Like.
It is not a pretty picture....but it is one that Must be told, because it is such a Rare Disease....and up until a few yrs. ago, it was Not even known....but in the almost 17 yrs. that I've had it, the Awareness has Grown.

I pray that you will be able to tune in Daily....to see what develops from day-to-day.
I won't be on EVERY DAY posting things....but I will try My Darndest to have something for you to read EVERY WEEK.

THANK YOU.......& Have a Blessed Week!!!


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