Sunday, May 3, 2009

I had a Rough Day yesterday.....AND Today!!

Yesteday.....because MY DOCTOR decreased my Pain Meds., left me in extreme pain & discomfort.

I guess he THINKS that I will be one of the "FALLEN", and become addicted to the Vicodine.
I....DO NOT, I REPEAT....I DO NOT....become addicted to Meds. Or any other type of Drug.
I have NEVER been the type of person to be drawn to ANY TYPE OF is NOT MY nature.....and I thank GOD 1000 times over for that.

In a way....I can understand why he would react in that manner....there are sooooo many others out there who ARE, and who CAN be in That Place.....but again, it is not me THANKFULLY!!!
But at the same time.....My Blood Work clearly showed that I was not one to ABUSE My meds.
I am pretty sure, IF I was the type to ABUSE my would show up Some How in my Blood Work.....RIGHT.
But nothing.....because it is not the case with me.....I am not a druggie, and nor was I ever in my Life.....It is just not my cup of tea.

Anyway, getting back to the Topic at hand.

My hands have really been taking it the past couple of days.....and I truly have not done anything to provoke it.....Nothing.

My chest is really sore today.....that is part of the Fibromyalgia.
And so are My other SORE SPOTS linked to the Fibromyalgia.....the knees, elbows, etc.

My mother seems to think it may be due to the weather.....and I agree with her that it, the weather....has a play in the pain & discomfort I am feeling......the weather is very rainy & cloudy today.....and it plans to be That Way for the coming Week.

Tomm. some time, I plan to call my friends see if I can get in to see them the meantime, I will just try and GET THROUGH IT.

Thanks Again.....AND ALWAYS.....for stopping by and reading My Blog!!!!

Need to change my TITLE of This Blog....!!!

Well, since I've been officially diagnosed with Not only Sarcoidosis....but with Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthritis....I think it would be fitting to change my Title of my Blog to possibly......"Living Day to Day with Sarcoidosis....AND Fibromyalgia.....AND Osteoarthritis!!!!

Who in the world would have ever known that as you grow OLDER, you would be Living with Multiple Diseases/Conditions.....I know it never crossed MY MIND.

So, in the next few days....I will be trying to come up with a New Title for my Blog.....Anyone have Any Ideas....I will be glad to hear them, lol.

Talk to ya soon.....(GOD Willing).

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