Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This coming Friday.....10am.

I have my "two week" visit to my doctors this Friday.....after the Last Visit, I plan to come up in there with Full Meds. in me, lolol.....I am NOT doing That Again.

He is suppose to discuss with me, the fact that He Thinks I have Fibromyalgia & Osteoarthritis.
Not sure how we plan to go about "bandaiding" the situation.....but I am All Ears.

I also need to discuss with him the fact that the "New Med." he put me on, isn't working.....so what next!!!

I'm not sure if I am going to take the hubby with me this time....My daugther is going to have surgery on Thurs....and I may need him to stay home and take care of the Grandbaby.

Boy.....I've seen more doctors this Year Alone, than the Law Allows....Or should I say......than the Insurance Companies Allow....lololol.

I did a little Too Much yesterday.....Yikesss!!!!

I thought I would do a little "exercising" yesterday.....and after "swinging my hips" about, I realized that that might not be the way to go for me, lololol.
It really isn't funny, because at the end of the Day.....I wasn't able to hold A DARN THING, not even a pen Or pencil to jot something down.....my hands hurt sooooooo bad, I really could not believe it.
They were actually "throbbing"....I could feel the muscles pulsating, and I kid you Not.

They were hurting because, the type of exercising I was doing was......DANCING!!!!
I was having a good ole' time with the Grands....and they were having an even Better Time than I, lolol.....
But when it was All Said And Done.....the ole' hips and fingers (from snapping them) don't work like they used to anymore.....and THAT is something that I just have to accept.

This morning when I got my son up for School, I thought I had had Hip Replacement Surgery....and I was recuperating from that.....Yikeessss!!!!
I could hardly walk.

I promised myself at that moment....that I WOULD NOT do that again, and I won't.....I promise!!!

I couldn't sleep either.....if I got on One Side, it hurt....and then I tried the Other Side.....that hurt too....even laying on my back hurt like the dickens.....I had pillows going in all different kinds of directions & positions.

After my Daughter put the mattress down for the Night (My Granddaughter & I sleep on it when she is over My House)....I tried to help out by putting the Pillows down on the bed....and I could not even pick them up right, I had to use the sides of my hands to even get some kind of grip.....and then to toss them from where I was sitting, ohhhh myyyy goodness....my son was like...."that's the best you could do", and I said "Yeaahhhh......".

I should have LISTENED to the advice the Experts give ya when they say....."NOT to do too much when you think you are having a Good Day"....because it will deff. come back to bite you in the Rear at the end of the Day.....for real!!!!

I'm surprised I didn't wake my Granddaughter up with all the movements I was doing.

Tonight should be better....it is Cooler to start with, and I didn't do Any Dancing Today....lolol.
I pretty much just layed around and watched the Grands do their Thang....lolol.....aside from the little bit of running around Miss Maari (my Granddaughter) had me doing every time she was into something she wasn't suppose to be in, lolol.

Oh Wellllll....here goes nothing!!!


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