Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oops....Spoke to Soon!!!

Yeah....uummm, I spoke to soon.....the pain is, as I type this.......Creeping up my legs.
It feels as if something sharp is scratching them up & down.

So...THAT means, even the Littlest Movement will cause me Pain afterwards.....

Now you tell Me....Where do you get relief from something like that (light movement)....and mind you, I wasn't even walking fast...for crying out loud, I had my 15 Month Old Granddaughter walking with how fast could I have been walking...!!!


Today's Day

I took advantage of the Beautiful Weather we had Today, and I went for a Small Stroll with my Granddaughter.....(she is only 15 Months old....but a lil bit-fire in her Own right, lol).
It was her First Time being out WALKING, since she started to take her tiny steps when she was 10 Months old.
I waited a long time to be able to take the "Grands" out with me....on a Stroll around the Block.

She really enjoyed it a lot, as did I...lolol.
I thought for sure she was going to be a little timid about being outside Walking.....but she wasn't.
We did a slow stroll, just enough for her to have her say of how she wanted to walk, lolol...and it was just enough for Me, not to have Over Done It.

I doubt that I will have any repercussions from it later on....but I am keeping my eye out for it, lol.

I can't wait till the Weather REALLY starts to get that I can do a lot more STROLLING WITH THE GRANDS, lol.

Have a Nice Day!!!!


Sarcoidosis.....The New Lupus!!!

I call it the New Lupus purly because there are soo many symptoms that mimic Lupus, that it gets mistaken for Lupus.

It is Rare, like Lupus USED TO BE....but as of late, Sarcoidosis has "grown in popularity", is really not funny, but heyy...sometimes you just have to laugh.

I have been asked many times...."You sure you don't have Lupus instead", lololol....and I have to tell them "No, it is not Lupus"...."but what you've explained to me, sounds just like Lupus"....lolol, I know...I know, I have been told that too many times....but yeah, it's "Sarky"....not Lupus.

Soo many of Us have been Misdiagnosed....and some times, several times...before We finally get the News that it is indeed Sarcoidosis.
It may take years before a confirmed Diagnosis of "Sarky" is in front of You.....and boy, it is a Horrible Wait.



I have yet to "take the steps" to try for SSI Or SSDI....and I think that is because of All the Horror Stories you hear about the whole process.

The other reason is, I have a strong feeling I will be denied.

Another one being that, I FEEL I don't have enough Medical Information Documented on My illness....although I've been going to My Rheumatologist for a yr. now (I see him every 3 months)....I still feel like not enough is being written about how this Disease is effecting me.
So I decided, on My next Doctors visit...I will set the docotor down, and give him an ear full of My complaints.....this way, he can have more than "I have a pain here....And I have a pain there"....I will actually have stuff written down on paper of what I've been going through on a Daily Basis since He's last seen Me.

Having a Blog is helping Me in that area as well....if I don't have it written down, I will deff. forget about it....this way, with the Blog...all I have to do is refer back to IT....and go from there.

I pray that by the time I DO make that move to Address My Concerns with the SSI Or SSDI Committee....there will be enough documentation about Me, to be Approved.

Now I know it is a Long Shot....but it is one I HAVE TO take in the Near Future.How about YOU....any Horror Or Success Stories You'd like to Share??!!!


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