Saturday, March 7, 2009

Did I mention about the BURN in my foot!!!???

I keep getting this BURNING feeling in my Left Foot, and it has been going on for yrs. on & off.
I know that it means that Sarky has "made itself comfortable" in that area....and it must really like that spot, because as I keeps coming back.

It feels as if someone is lighting a match on my foot for a hot sec. and then I am feeling the 'aftermath' from it.
It also feels like there are tiny little spots being pricked at with a Very Fine needle.

And the funny thing is, it is not in an area that touches the floor/ is around the arch of my foot and because I am not Flat Footed, it doesn't touch a flat surface at all.

By time I reach my doctors....I guarantee, the feeling will be always happens that way (rolling of the eyes)....Or if it is still there, and the doctor orders me to have it "checked out" time I get the procedure done, the symptoms would have left me again.......OH I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!



Another thing to put in my "journal" is Knee Problems.

I have had this ongoing problem with my left knee, since I don't know comes and goes, and back in actually lasted about 9 Months of that year, I kid you not.

What goes on with it is this; I have pain, not the normal pain though....very painful pain....the kind of pain that the Pain Meds. don't take it away.
And it gives out on me a any given moment too.
I could be holding one of the Grands and Wham....there it goes.
I try not to have carry them too much, and the fact that they can walk now....helps a lot.

If I turn my leg too far to the left.....I will be in soo much pain and I will lose my balance also.
If I lift it too far up (which is not far at all)....It will let me know that I've gone to far.
If I stand up straight and accidentally push them back too far....oh boy, that will be it for me!!!

As I said, this has been an on going thing with me....and I had in the past, an MRI on that leg/knee and the only thing that it showed was that there is a lot of Arthritis going on in there....WELL I COULD HAVE TO THEM THAT.
It scares me some times because I don't know when it will give out on me and the next thing I know I am on the Floor, Or worse......the Ground.

I noticed that it is much bigger than the Right one also.

Oh Well....let me get to writing, so I don't forget what CHANGES I've gone through and I can report them to the doctor next Month.


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