Monday, June 22, 2009

Had a "blahhh" day today......

I am not sure what is going on....and Why, but....for the past couple days, I noticed that my Sarky Symptoms are coming on stronger than normal with the Pred.

This morning I woke up with extreme pain in my Hips, Spine, Up & Down my legs....and few other spots I can't remember, but I know that it was there.....ANDDD, I feel like crap!!!
I am sooo weak, and sore all over...I feel like I did a ton of exercises the day before.....and I hadn't done Anything.
I refrained from taking any Pain Pills.....don't have much left and what I do have, I may need for a more severe case of the Sarky's.

It really seems like the Pred. is wearing off on me...ALL Day Long I was feeling like this, CRAPPY....but I was trying to hold it together because I had to care for the Grands.
I am praying that tomm. proves to be a better day.....I really felt like staying in the bed all day today.
I am starting to get really worried Now.....because if NO ONE can come up with a Plan to rid me of these symptoms so that I can function day-to-day....What will become of Me.
I won't be able to care for the Grands....Or anyone else for that matter, even Myself....I will literally be Bedridden....and I'm not joking.

I called and made an appt. with a Pulmonologist....and that is set for July 6th (GOD Willing), I tried to get it for a sooner date....but wasn't able to get a slot for the early morn.....Oh Well, it is only two weeks away.
I had called my PCP to see if he can take me off the Pred.....just so "I" can see what will happen, but he suggested that I stay on it until I see the Pulmy. doctor.

Ooohhh, I dread to find out how the next few days are going to be like......

Thursday, June 18, 2009

No News, is Good News..."Well, That's what they Say"!!!

I was told that I needed to "update" my Blog with some info....lolol, but to be honest.....I really haven't a thing to say.....which I am not sure if that is Good Or Bad, lolol.

I am still having Hip & Spine Pain....and it is REALLY hurting today, I think it is because of the Rain we are having.
Other than that....nothings changed.

I am still waiting to hear back from SSI/SSDI.....but they did say it would take a few months before I'd hear Anything.
I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday, and she gave me a Name & Number to Her, I am waiting to hear what they say...and if I AM denied, then I will be giving this guy a call.

I've become a Facebook Junkie...lololol, and loving it up, lolol...I'm able to be in touch with my Family & that nice!!!

Also, waiting for next week to roll youngest Son is about to Graduate from High School (he is the one that is Physically & Mentally Challenged) should be Very Exciting!!!

Well....that's it, For Now....Until next time.....!!!

THANKS.....for reading my Blog.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

hhhmmm....wondering if Sarky is in My Nervous System Now??

I THINK.....since yesterday, I've been having this "twitch" in my Thumb on my Right Hand.
All of a sudden, out of will start twitching, and it even throws me off if I am in the process of doing something with That Hand.

It is a good thing that my New Rheumy. is asking that I see a Neurologist, because if this goes on for too long....I'm gonna need it looked into.

Alittle worried Now.......

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surprisingly....I had a Good Day yesterday!!!

Just a few "minor" aches & pains here and there....but overall, it was Good.

The weather was Great, and we had to go out of town to my son's doctors appt.....had packed a Cooler with Sandwiches & stuff.....and one of the Grands, lol.
The doctors visit was longer than I expected it to be....but it was an early appt., and when we got out....the waiting room was Packed, so I am totally grateful that ours was early.

The ride there & back was pleasant also.

Now Today, well that is a different story......oh well, you can't have it all....lolol.
I am feeling alot of aches & pains today.....and I am thinking all the rain we had overnight & this morning may have something to do with it.
My hips & spine are reallyyyy giving me problems today.....but I am dealing with it.....have no other choice But Too.

I need to make some doctors appt.'s soon, but can't do so until I have enough money for co-pays.....Sad isn't it, can't go to the doctors because you can't afford even the Co-Pay....aaauuuggghh!!

I think I will have to set some time aside for next month for all the visits.....maybe even borrow some money from the "kiddos".....I'm sure they won't have a problem helping out for that.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 didn't turn out the way I'd hoped, but....

The visit today with my New Doctor didn't turn out the way I'd hoped it would....but he did say he would treat me for the Fibromyalgia.......but not the Sarky.

He is recommending that I see a Lung Specialist for the Sarky.
HE SAID.....that Rheumy's don't treat you for Sarky....Only Pulmonalogists (sp. ck.)......WHATTTTT!!!

Then why the heck was I going to see my Old Doctor for.....he was a Rheumy.....and I was seeing him for my Muscle & Joint Pain that came from.....Sarky.

Anyway, I wasn't "blown over" with him to say the least......but at least he will treat the Fibromyalgia.

I have to call my PCP and see who he wants to send me to next (Pulmonary)....I know one thing, it won't be my Old Pulmo.....he blew that yrs. ago.

I am not overjoyed about the whole day......but at least SOMETHING came out of it.
He also prescribed me some New Meds. to take for the Fibromyalgia Pain.....boy my Spine is still hurting.
I still have to call the Pharmacy to see what Meds. He ordered though.....I'm not paying for something I can't take (that I tried before and didn't work).

I will post later, what he actually called in for.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Now the Spine is acting up!!!!

It had been doing so all along.....but after the weekend, it REALLY went crazy.

My son got Married on Sat....and I was taking Tons of all that back & forth did some damage on the ole' Hips, Knees & Spine.
I felt some of it That Night.....but it didn't Really get to me until the next day.

Sunday night was soooo horribly.....there was NO position that I could be in...Not Sitting, Standing....Or even Laying Down........AWFUL!!!

And today it is Still Hurting......
I tried to bend down......and not with my knees, Cause Ya Know That Ain't Happening.....and I thought my back was going to dislocate itself some how.......I was sooo scared, and I screamed out soo loud that My Mother said....."let me do it".

I pray that I can get some sleep tonight, and that I won't be in That Much Pain.

Man....this is bad!!!!

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