Thursday, June 18, 2009

No News, is Good News..."Well, That's what they Say"!!!

I was told that I needed to "update" my Blog with some info....lolol, but to be honest.....I really haven't a thing to say.....which I am not sure if that is Good Or Bad, lolol.

I am still having Hip & Spine Pain....and it is REALLY hurting today, I think it is because of the Rain we are having.
Other than that....nothings changed.

I am still waiting to hear back from SSI/SSDI.....but they did say it would take a few months before I'd hear Anything.
I spoke with a friend of mine yesterday, and she gave me a Name & Number to Her, I am waiting to hear what they say...and if I AM denied, then I will be giving this guy a call.

I've become a Facebook Junkie...lololol, and loving it up, lolol...I'm able to be in touch with my Family & that nice!!!

Also, waiting for next week to roll youngest Son is about to Graduate from High School (he is the one that is Physically & Mentally Challenged) should be Very Exciting!!!

Well....that's it, For Now....Until next time.....!!!

THANKS.....for reading my Blog.


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