Monday, November 14, 2011


Hi Folks, it's Me....Naimah, I know...I know, it has been like 2 yrs., I can't BELIEVE it's been That Long since I've posted here.
I've been on a VERY Long Journey, a combination of Personal, Health and some other stuff, lol (recreational).....but I'm BACK, not sure for How Long though.

Since my Last Post, I've been OFF sooo many meds. THANK GOD...smh, there were wayyyy too many that I was on, and I am sooo glad I am only down to 1 Or 2 Now.
STILL SICK....nothings changed there, but I DID figure out (on my OWN too) that Not ALL Meds. work well together (taking them at the same time of the day that is), so...the MAIN MED. (the One that is Strongly Needed to get through the day), the Gabapentin...can not be JOINED with Any Other Med. Or Vitamin I may be taking throughout the what I do NOW Is, I take THAT MED Alone and about half hour to an Hour Later, I'll take any other med. that's needed to take (like Blood Pressure Med. Or Vit.) took me a LONG TIME to figure it out, but I got it Right Now, lol.

It's late here, so I will have to come back through tomm. (GOD Willing) and fill ya in on the rest of my journey, it's a long I hope your Up For It, lol.

Good Night, and as always....Thank You for reading my Blog (smiles)

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