Wednesday, June 3, 2009 didn't turn out the way I'd hoped, but....

The visit today with my New Doctor didn't turn out the way I'd hoped it would....but he did say he would treat me for the Fibromyalgia.......but not the Sarky.

He is recommending that I see a Lung Specialist for the Sarky.
HE SAID.....that Rheumy's don't treat you for Sarky....Only Pulmonalogists (sp. ck.)......WHATTTTT!!!

Then why the heck was I going to see my Old Doctor for.....he was a Rheumy.....and I was seeing him for my Muscle & Joint Pain that came from.....Sarky.

Anyway, I wasn't "blown over" with him to say the least......but at least he will treat the Fibromyalgia.

I have to call my PCP and see who he wants to send me to next (Pulmonary)....I know one thing, it won't be my Old Pulmo.....he blew that yrs. ago.

I am not overjoyed about the whole day......but at least SOMETHING came out of it.
He also prescribed me some New Meds. to take for the Fibromyalgia Pain.....boy my Spine is still hurting.
I still have to call the Pharmacy to see what Meds. He ordered though.....I'm not paying for something I can't take (that I tried before and didn't work).

I will post later, what he actually called in for.

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