Thursday, July 9, 2009

I can see This is going to be a Longggg Haul...sigghh.

For the past Two Days, I have been feeling Very Crappy......and yesterday was the first time that I noticed the "knee problems" again.
While I was on the Pred., my knees were not hurting as much as if I WASN'T on the Pred.....and NOW, the Creaks & Pain....and the sound of "leather pants rubbing" IS BACK.

I woke up Stiff.....but not as bad as before, but you can 'bet your bottom dollar' that the Worst of the Stiffness WILL be doubt.

I felt Really Horrible today (NO ENERGY AT ALL, among other things)....but I know the worst is yet to come (because I am not on the Pred. anymore)....I am not looking forward to it to say the least.

Something I am noticing though lately, is the fact that I have been having alot more Indigestion....not sure what THAT is all about, but it was sooo bad last night...I honestly thought I was going into a Heart Attack.
ANYTHING that I eat is causing it.....I will be letting my PCP know about that.

Today's ill health made it Very Difficult to care for my Grands.....but I did it, don't know how....but I did it.
It became much easier when my Granddaughter left....I LOVE HER TO DEATH, but she is Alot More active than my Grandson....she is a Ball of Energy....of which I had NONE of Today.
So when She went home...and it was just my Grandson & I, I wasn't as stressed and could deal with my illness better.....he is soooooooooo layed back and easy-going, I don't have to reprimand him as much as I have to do with my Granddaughter.
She is just sooooo inquisitive....Bless her lil heart, and does not stop inquiring....NOTHING stops her (unless she is ill that is, lol).

Anywho.....I have a long road ahead of me, and I just Pray to GOD that I will be able to Function enough to be an asset to My family & friends when they need me.


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